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Marine Applications is currently investing heavily in a research and development program. The project is called MarIA and this work is being supported by the European Space Agency. Read on to learn more about the project:

Project MarIA:

Fishermen are either using paper based manuals, to satisfy current demands of the various national and international standards, or are not in any standard whatsoever. The objectives of the project are to provide opportunities to capture and input real time data while vessels are fishing and to introduce more vessels to these standards (e.g. Marine Stewardship Council and BIM Responsibly Sourced Standard)  through the service. The key user requirements are to reduce paperwork, reduce costs and make training materials available to any PC, tablet or mobile device in a simple user friendly system.
The project aims are:
  • To make standards more accessible to a wide variety of commercial fishermen
  • Improved management of certification data
  • Improved quality of the data captured
  • To provide a two way information highway between vessels and their sales agents/processors
Processors requirements regarding supplier controls, and information on vessels landing to them, are also addressed.
Standards protect market access for fishermen and allow differentiation of their products through quality, responsible and sustainable fishing practices. The project will allow commercial fishermen to demonstrate these practices in real time and underpin the quality attributes of seafood they land. Other food sectors, such as the meat industry, make use of the latest technologies to support handling and traceability standards; this project will apply some of these concepts to the fishing industry.

Users and their needs

The project addresses the user needs of commercial fishermen and the processing industry. The pilot project is being developed in Ireland and the UK but will have applications globally following a successful demonstration project.
Larger vessels often have satellite capabilities on-board, the use of which is integrated in the project. The project tasks cover the development of a standalone, cost effective solution for smaller classes of vessel. Fishermen from four different categories are working with us to develop the solution:
  • Pelagic vessels
  • Whitefish vessels
  • Nephrops trawlers
  • Inshore vessels
The key user needs of the industry are:
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Reliability
  • Ability to cope with harsh environments
  • Simple to use
  • Fitting of physical equipment to be as simple as possible and not overly intrusive
  • Some vessels need to satisfy regulatory bodies regarding implementation of on-board handling and quality. The outputs of the system need to be accepted by the regulatory authorities.
Please indicate the country/countries of the targeted users.
The pilot project is underway in Ireland and the UK but will have global applications following a successful demonstration project.

Service/ system concept

Services and Systems

Space Added Value

The space assets being used for the demonstration project are:
  • Satellite Navigation
  • Satellite communications
There are currently two methods of capturing information on-board the vessels, paper based manuals and some vessels use data loggers for recording temperature e.g. of freezers or hold water.
The satellite solution will allow capture of data on an Android device. Data can be entered manually and will also be automatically captured by sensors. The project tasks cover collating information on catching practices and temperatures on-board and relaying them, in real time, to an onshore database. The information captured is tied into the vessel position and so delivering a “footprint” on catch and handling information including catch areas.

Current Status

The demonstration project is currently underway with the operational phase being scheduled in early 2016. User needs have been identified and a baseline design is almost completed. Work is well underway on the database development and on the hardware elements of the project.

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Fisherman Frank


Marine Apps


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Contractor Project Manager

Frank Fleming
Community Supported Seafood Ltd
Co Cork

ESA Project Manager

Marco Sartori
Keplerlaan 1
2200 AG Noordwijk ZH

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